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Backroads – the future
February 7, 2012

To all the supporters of this site and of the music.
I'm sorry to announce that Backroads is taking a break, and it will probably be permanent. You will already have noticed that the amount of material being posted has reduced dramatically in the past few months.

Beginner's Guide to Hoedown
January 9, 2012
Beginner's Guide to Hoedown

This triple-disc compilation offers the perfect chance for anyone impressed by seeing Hot Club of Cowtown or The Coal Porters play live to further explore the roots of their music. Selling for less than the cost of a single CD, it provides plenty to attract the interest of anyone with a hankering for some full-tilt bluegrass.

Keep It Together
The Sunshine Delay
December 19, 2011
Keep It Together - The Sunshine Delay

You can hardly accuse Scotland's The Sunshine Delay of rushing things. They've been playing together since 2001, yet this is only their second album, following up on their 2004 debut Outrageous Expectations. Although they've come up with a consistently melodic collection of songs, they struggle to stamp out a sufficiently individual identity to really impress.

Moonlit Rambles
Scott Cook
December 12, 2011
Moonlit Rambles - Scott Cook

Scott Cook is a Canadian songwriter based in Alberta and this is his third solo album. He is one of those songwriters who believe in travelling and playing. He performed 156 shows in 2010, and somewhere along the way it provides him with the material to produce an album every couple of years. As befits a man who spends his life on the road, the songs are simply delivered in a style that at times borders on talking. Yet that simple style is more than most songwriters can hope for and Moonlit Rambles is an excellent album full of stories.

Colin Brooks to leave the Band of Heathens
November 28, 2011
Colin Brooks

The Band of Heathens have announced that Colin Brooks, one of the Austin band’s three founders and frontmen, has decided to leave “to explore other interests”.
Brooks founded the band in 2006 along with Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist, and the three have shared the songwriting and lead singing, supported by bassist Seth Whitney and drummer John Chipman. They have made three studio albums, most recently Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster’s Son.