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General ethics and policy on reproduction of material

This may seem a little unnecessary, since at the moment producing this site is taking up most of my time and not an inconsiderable amount of my disposable income. But just in case it ever gets to be a little more successful, I want this to be clear from the start:
1. This site is a labour of love. Nevertheless, I am a professional journalist and this is intended to be a professional piece of work. I therefore reserve the right to accept advertising, donations, gig tickets or anything else that may allow me to devote more time to improving the content of this site.
2. At the same time, I utterly reserve the right to refuse any of the above at any time. I have a strong set of values and I will not compromise them.

3. I maintain clear professional ethics:
* I do not accept payment or other offers in return for writing on a specific subject, and I do not pay for stories.
* I do not in general offer the subject of an article the opportunity to see it before publication, and under no circumstances does the subject have editorial control.
* Where a story contains a factual error, I undertake to correct it immediately, and to highlight the fact that a correction has been made.
* Where I am stating an opinion rather than a fact, I will make this clear and I will not change it after publication.
4. All written material on this website is by me, Naomi Koppel, except where clearly stated otherwise. It may be reproduced subject to clearly stating the source and the author.
Most photos on this site are publicity shots. Where the name of the photographer is given, the picture has been used with the photographer's permission.
All audio on this site is recorded and published with the express permission of the artists and cannot be reproduced elsewhere without seeking their permission.
5. Any personal information, e-mail addresses, etc. that I may obtain from readers of this site who choose to contact me will be used only for further promotion of the site and will not be passed to any third party. Anyone can opt out of receiving communications by sending me an e-mail requesting that.